2-3 Junior

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Product Essence
Flat pack children’s chair & table
C K Goff 2011

Ingeniously cut from sheet plywood with virtually no wastage the pieces simply slot together without requiring tools or glue. Coloured cable ties add a touch of fun to the chair back. 

2-3 range is supplied packed flat in a handy cardboard carry box.  To order individually or as a set.

Also available as a full size adult chair.

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Junior chair:
Width 310mm
Depth 390mm
Height 610mm
Seat height 340mm

Junior table:
Width 600mm
Depth 600mm
Height 530mm

16mm birch plywood
Nylon cable ties

Natural timber
Cable ties white as standard, also available in multi packs of assorted colours

Technical Information
Coming soon

2-3 Junior Chair available to order online (Australia only)
Shipping available worldwide by request